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Beach Bonfire

This Is Ember

Our Approach is Simple: Bring The Most Value Possible to You. 

We're determined to change the way PR agencies engage with clients by cutting out the bloat that raises retainers and makes professional PR services unaffordable for many brands that can really use it. At Ember, we focus on what matters and trim the rest so we can offer services that fit every budget. 

Take a look at our capabilities and then join us by the campfire to tell us your story so we can share it with the world.  

Alexander Lee, Digiday

What People Are Saying 

"I’ve worked with Dustin for years, and I have been consistently impressed by his wealth of gaming and esports knowledge, as well as his impressive network in the space. Dustin has an effortless grasp of the ins and outs of esports media, and I would certainly recommend him to any prospective clients looking to deepen their relationships in this sector!"
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